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Why has CULTWATCH started

Christians who honor God's Word will soon discover that "Christian Tithing" or the “principle of tithing” is not taught in the New Testament. The proponents of Christian Tithing know the Bible is not on their side and so have turned to baseless arguments, guilt inducing sermons, threats, character assassination, emotional appeals, and scripture twisting to force this invented tithing principle into the minds of Christians. But these methods are the same techniques used by the cults to manipulate and extract money from their members. By exposing this false doctrine we are preventing the encroachment of cultic techniques into the Body of Christ - we believe this is part of CULTWATCH's God directed purpose. Be aware: tithing is just one weapon in the current cultic move pushing into the Christian Church, read CULTWATCH's “Super Apostle” articles to discover the other secrets they don't want you to know.